Who’s Up For a Challenge? $20 Food Budget Challenge for the Family of Four

Kale Soup with Italian Sausage

This is so simple recipe but packed of greatness.


Baby kale

Dice tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Frozen Mixed Veggies

Nitrates Free and Gluten free Italian Sausage

Organic Beef Broth

Plantbase Butter Alternatives

Please Watch this video for step by step. thank you!

Next recipe will be veggie burger..Stay tuned!

Welcoming the New Year With A Blast!

2019 has been good to me. I can’t say perfect but great! The best thing in life is having your family visible in your eyes. But having them besides you most of the time and that you can hug them and kiss whenever you like is a BLAST!

Thanks to Marriott Hotel for giving us a chance again to celebrate our new year’s eve dinner at one of their room with kitchen. I happened to cook my family’s favorite Cherry’s Crab and Lobster Recipe.

The enjoyment that I see on my loved ones’ eyes every time I cook this meal is my favorite feelings ever!

Hope you guys had a great year end as well!


More recipes and travels for 2020!