My kitchen…my home”,)

Food and travel? Is that what you love? Then this is for you! Sisig (Philippines) This is extremely delicious!!”, Pork skin, liver, stomach and truffle fats + lemon juice+ cracked black pepper + salt and onions(white and spring) Grill the pork, cut into small pcs as desired and finally mixed the rest of the ingredientsContinue reading “My kitchen…my home”,)”

Holiday?…It’s kitchen’s day!

What a wonderful home date with hubby with this appetizzzziinnggg and really taste like the best baked chicken in town! Boil water with salt and lemon grass. Let it cool and pour it into the chicken. add cracked black pepper and leave it overnight into the fridge. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then placeContinue reading “Holiday?…It’s kitchen’s day!”

Chinese Steamed Fish”,)

Chinese foods are very close to my heart..Here’s one of my favorite”,) Wash the fish (like pompano,tilapia etc), dry it, add ginger at the bottom and top of it. Steam for 10-12min.s When the eyes comes out the fish is already cooked. Sprinkle the spring onion, shower it with seafood’s soy sauce and hot vegetableContinue reading “Chinese Steamed Fish”,)”