BEST Sizzling Steak With Gravy Recipe | Quarantine Food

Quarantine Recipe: Best Sizzling Teak on a Sizzling plate with rice and veggies. The gravy with this steak recipe made the dish perfect! Since this covid issue arises, people around the world are extremely agitated to what they need to do. One of the thing that help me calm my nerves is cooking. I amContinue reading “BEST Sizzling Steak With Gravy Recipe | Quarantine Food”

Ensaymada with Cheese and So FLuffy!! 6 Ingredients Only!

One of my family’s favorite bread with lots of sugar and cheese 😁 Other than pandesal, Ensaymada is one of the most popular dessert of Filipino nation. It is known for its great sweetness and fluffiness. Here are the simple ingredients: 1 cup milk 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 cup shortening – -softened to room temperature 1 envelope active dry yeast – (about 7-9 gramsContinue reading “Ensaymada with Cheese and So FLuffy!! 6 Ingredients Only!”