Ritz Carlton @ Palm Springs California


When you feel like you’re being step on your head, when you feel like you are so low, just go and find yourself a place to go above everything like a pool on top of the mountains!!

Watch how high you are and stare far! let yourself know that you are always the best creatures God has ever made! You are special, we are special, we are HIS creation.

Imagine those artwork, or those expensive bags like LV. They have been taken care of because of the their value, despite of being made just by a man. What about us? Our creator is not just a simple man with a lot of money who manufacture more signature bags but the CREATOR of all. Imagine how special we are, imagine how priceless we are.

Don’t let someone push/pull you down because you don’t feel special, because you are! WE ARE!

Published by Couples Food and Adventures

Cooking and traveling -the only thing i wanna do whenever I'm happy or sad. Traveling -to refresh my energy, mind and positive spirits! That's what traveling is for!

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