Life Adventures

What is the real adventures in life? The problem? The solutions? The happiness? Or the one thing where our life is revolving at? Yes, I’m on a deep thinking now, I’m wondering why are we people can’t stop talking, asking, laughing, crying almost everyday. If we’re not busy at work, we are busy thinking about life. What makes our life adventurous? Is it the money that we can use to travel? To buy what we want? And sometimes to pay to someone who we want to be with? Yes and No. Yes we need everything I mentioned above. But the only answer on what made our life adventurous is LOVE. Yes, you read it right. It’s the love that made our life happy, sad, mad and all the feelings that we feel everyday. The most powerful feelings that God gave us. Advance Merry Christmas fellow bloggers!10506984_1640504246176108_5643451767380221676_o

Published by Couples Food and Adventures

Cooking and traveling -the only thing i wanna do whenever I'm happy or sad. Traveling -to refresh my energy, mind and positive spirits! That's what traveling is for!

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